Floor Trusses

Eco Truss supply floor trusses for every application large or small. Our roof trusses are designed by our in-house expert staff.

  • Complex structural floor systems – with ALL the benefits already noted regarding our FLOOR TRUSSES
  • Highly cost-effective joist system for large single span requirements
  • Designed and engineered by our local expert staff with accurate and exact roof and floor loads applied and factored into the design – each floor is individually designed and manufactured to suit the necessary requirements
  • Open webbed floor truss systems create versatility enabling services and/or penetrations to be allowed for in design – eliminating problematic and impractical cut-outs to solid members
  • Options in both full timber (SPANJOIST) OR Steel/Wood combination (MULTISTRUT) floor truss systems – or a combination of both
  • Easy concealment of structural steel OR timber support beams through multiple end type design – again adding to the versatility of this product
  • An excellent option to use for roof purlins due to lightweight handling and large span capabilities

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